Do You Have Two Tongues

Having a second tongue is such a fantastic skill to have for both socialising with people from different nations and cultures, alongside being able to communicate across a wide range of businesspeople in various countries. A lot of us are taught language in our early years through school, but with the lack of focus that is put around it, most of this is quickly forgotten and never to be used again.

language lessons


I was brought up in a family speaking a variety of languages in the home my whole life, so naturally had an interest and picked some bits up rather quickly. But because learning in school is so poorly taught these days, students struggle to have the desire to learn a second language and progress their skills.

These skills can be helpful in both social and business environments, so it is important to learn them from an early age and develop as many tongues as you can. Learn more about languages and find a tutor near you from The Language Machine

Warming Up This Winter

It’s been a cold winter this year, and it doesn’t look to be improving any time soon with further cold weather forecast for the coming weeks, so it’s important to make sure you wrap up warm when you leave the house, but more importantly stay warm while you’re in the house!

Making sure you have a high quality central heating system installed within your home is important to make sure you stay warm and stay healthy through these cold periods.

central heating


A high quality boiler will run both efficiently and effectively, saving you money and having the ability to power your home with heat to keep you nice and toasty this winter. You must also make sure you have a good system of radiators around the home to convey the heat the boiler is producing in the most effective manor possible.

For more information about central heating and radiator systems then see here:

Are You Looking For Cheap Hot Tubs?

With the summer fast approaching the rush is on to get the best cheap hot tubs is on and there are some fantastic deals available online if you decide to go shopping online to find your perfect piece of heaven this year.

2014 is the year to bring the ultimate piece of luxury through your front door and really have the capability to experience that spa feeling every day! There are some fantastic tubs available to meet every budget and specification, so you will definitely find the one for you.

cheap hot tubs

Be the life of the party throughout the summer months this year with one of these fantastic tubs in your home. There are also a host of zero percent finance packages available on purchases of new hot tubs, helping you to spread the cost to meet your budget – and not even having to pay a penny more than buying one outright in the store. Don’t miss out and see online for the full range of these fantastic tubs.


A Quarterly Update

Today we have our quarterly update on how things are going on the heart of Birmingham and the epicentre of jewellery trade in the West Midlands, the jewellery quarter.

With so much going on in the jewellery quarter Birmingham, and with its history and heritage over the last 250 years. In the quarter is a host of fine jewellery shops, restaurants and bars and even the museum of the jewellery quarter – which gives an insight into the history of the manufacturing trade here over the last century or so.

jewellery quarter birmingham


If you’re in the midlands area any time soon then pay a visit into the quarter and catch up with the goings on. There’s plenty to see and do, and if you’re looking for that killer gift for a loved one or friend then this is the best place to start your search!

What Watch?

Choosing the right watch is everything. They can make a fantastic gift for a loved one whether it be a family member or friend. Or maybe you fancy treating yourself to a lovely new timepiece to be able to impress and give off that image you want to with a beautiful designer watch.

You’re faced with a huge selection of styles brands and prices when looking at designer watches so there’s plenty to choose from to meet your individual needs no matter what they are. There’s a watch for every occasion, every budget and more importantly – every wrist!

designer watches


You may be wondering where to look when it comes to choosing a new watch? A lot of the best deals and prices are found online these days because these massive companies just have the buying power and lower running costs to provide watches cheaper than traditional high street jewellers.

But you shouldn’t shy away from these businesses, in Birmingham, some of the jewellery quarter shops provide a fantastic selection of watches to meet every need and requirement. Whether you be looking for a sport, designer or even swiss watch – the quarter has it all so if you’re based in the West Midlands or are travelling through any time soon its well worth visiting.

A water tank saved my marriage

Ever since I purchased a water tank last year, my life has improved exponentially and my home life has never been so good.  Bills coming in each week and money going out daily is a problem known to all homeowners and is often a strongly argued over topic within households all over the world. With everyone trying to save money and live happy lives, water tanks can be the solution. My life with a wife and two kids can be very demanding on the pocket at times and can get me very stressed. However since I made a small investment of buying a water tank for domestic use, my water bills have reduced drastically. This means that I can finally start saving to take the family on holiday this year and do all the things that a happy family do together. Ever since the change there has been a different atmosphere within the house and arguments have become very infrequent if not at all over money problems. I can definitively say that buying a water tank has saved my marriage which was previously on the rocks and also made mine, and my families lives much happier places to live in.

During my visit in Birmingham!

So i hit up birmingham at the weekend! I wanted to go and find a decent set of businesses that had great morals and lovely looking websites !

So I’m heading in to find a driving instructor or driving school that can help me learn to drive. So i search on Google for “driving lessons birmingham” and find a company DRIVE BIRMINGHAM, recently started with a good group of instructors!

That all went well check the image!


So after this i thought about the power of how search engines like Google channel traffic straight to the doors of businesses in the world every day all day. Contributing to over £1000bn of online spending. 10% more than the predicted coal, oil fuel sector. Anyway so i headed back on there to find the magic behind the action and found an SEO Company In Birmingham called SEO Silly, who kindly spent time to talk to me how search engines work. This was very intersting and very factual so !

See more informative points below!

Looking to Make Things Interesting

Whether you need a bit of extra financial comfort to meet some bills and payments, or if you would like to save up for a mortgage application or book the dream holiday you’ve always wanted to go on. Or maybe you just fancy something a bit different in your career, then today we have a solution for you that you almost certainly haven’t considered yet!

With the way employment in the United Kingdom is at the moment, having a decent job of any sort is a good foot on the ladder as there are plenty of people sitting at home unemployed. But maybe you just took whatever you could get, and that leads us on to todays topic of escorting. This thriving industry is hugely up and coming in this country and is basically providing your companionship and time to someone for things like a dinner date or a corporate event.

escort jobs essex

If this sounds like something you might be interested in and are looking for more information about how you can join the industry then take a look at escort jobs Essex for information from one of the leading escort agencies in the country who are currently recruiting new girls and have open applications online.

Becoming an escort can easily fit in around your current lifestyle even if you are in full time employment there is no need to change hours or even leave your job, and the income can be huge alongside a regular salary. Well worth taking a look at for more information and we hope this has opened your eyes to this fantastic industry.


Why Go Out To The Shops When You Can Shop From Home

Firstly, we would like to start with a big happy new year from our blog, we have our busiest year yet ahead of us and have some big articles to come regarding jewellery, agriculture and many more topics, so stay tuned with the blog for some fantastic pieces.

In today’s article we will be looking at shopping online as appose to in store, and how the online world is affecting stores. Our example is looking into the market for jewellery UK, showcasing some manufacturers and shops in the jewellery quarter in the heart of Birmingham.

jewellery uk

The jewellery quarter has a lot of history dating back around 250 years and is the heart of trade in the West Midlands. It is the largest concentration of jewellery based businesses in Europe, producing 40 percent of UK manufactured jewellery, so there’s plenty on offer for everyone.

Shopping online for jewellery is a bit more complex than something as simple as clothing, due to the nature of the products people feel more comfortable when purchasing inside a shop, they have quality assurances and can see the piece in person before making a final decision, not just from a photo on a website.

jewellery uk

But that shouldn’t disjoint you as a jeweller, a lot of people look around online at pieces and will then come into store to make their purchase from something that they have seen online.

My Big Day Out

Last weekend was my birthday, and I wanted it to be really special so went all out on the day.

First off was what to wear

Always a dilemma, and it was no different this time, having to choose from a range of suits I eventually picked a quite fantastic Hugo Boss tailored suit from a shop in Birmingham. Pairing this with a 9ct gold chain it really brought out the elegance of the suit I had picked.

Then came the venue

After looking around at a host of places in Birmingham city centre as to where to host my birthday party, we finally decided on a modern contemporary bar in the jewellery quarter, who allowed us to take the whole floor at a relatively good price.

How to arrive

Arriving in style was important to me so we had a look at some limo hire companies to see what prices would be like for this. We wanted to hire a hummer limousine, and some of the prices we got were really high.

We looked on Google for limo hire Birmingham and found a great site called Your Limo Hire. They had a range of cars available, including a hummer one so we got in contact to see what was available on the day.

There is a great online reservation system available which allows you to select your date, time and vehicle and they get back to you almost straight away.

How did it go

Overall it was a fantastic birthday and I couldn’t have asked for more on the day, thanks to everyone for coming and making it so special and a day I will never forget.

A Weekend In Birmingham

I spent last weekend visiting the iconic second city of the United Kingdom, Birmingham. Hosting some fantastic heritage and history in this beautiful place, I will today be talking about what I got up to while I was over there.

Birmingham has the largest German christmas market outside of its home country in the whole of Europe, and it really is a fantastic setting at this time of year. With stalls offering a range of gifts, food and of course German beer, it really is a sight to behold.

birmingham christmas market

I also took a visit to the University of Birmingham, somewhere I am thinking of studying next year when I have to begin my applications to university, deciding where to take my career path next.

Another place I visited was the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, the heartbeat of the jewellery trade in the West Midlands. It’s a vibrant area just off the city centre that boats a vast range of jewellers, manufacturers, restaurants and bars, a museum and much more.

jewellery quarter birmingham

With the run up to christmas well and truly in full flow, and the winter weather set in, I decided to join the rest of the crowds last weekend and partake in some christmas shopping!

While I was shopping around in the quarter, I thought some jewellery would make a fantastic present for my sister, especially with her being so hard to buy for. I saw a beautiful set of 9ct gold hoop earrings in one of the jewellery shops there, and just had to buy them.

Overall, my trip to Birmingham last weekend was really special and I would recommend anyone to visit, there’s plenty to see and do, especially around christmas time. Visiting the Birmingham jewellery quarter and the christmas markets were definitely the highlights of the trip.

Try Your Hand At The Piano

Ever thought about learning to play an instrument like the piano? Firstly let’s take a look at what a piano is.

The piano is an instrument played by the use of a keyboard. Predominantly used in classical and jazz themed music for either solo play or accompanying in the background.

piano lessons birmingham


I first started to learn the piano when I was still in school after looking in a local music shop and being told about some offering piano lessons Birmingham I decided to give them a call and started ever since.

Having previously played a bit of keyboard at school I kind of already had an idea that I would like to try and play the piano, it’s a really great instrument to learn and you can really get an appreciation for it.